Human Interactions 5 Cents

public performance
Union Station, Los Angeles

Human Interactions 5 Cents was a performance as part of organized by Stephen Van Dyck of LA Road Concerts. In its first iteration, the project took place below the Culver City Metro station on the corner of National and Washington Blvd, LA among many other interventions in public space. For this project, I offered a menu of options that participants may choose from such as “Rant at me about something that bothers you” or “ask me about my day, yesterday, week, month, or year. ”  With the condition of no social media allowed, the interactions cost a nickel and lasts about 5 minutes, timed.

In its second iteration in 2019, “Human Interactions 5 Cents” took place at Union Station downtown Los Angeles for CHANGES supported by Metro Art , also curated by Stephen Van Dyck. 31 consecutive exchanges were fascinating and ranged from offering love advice to an 18-year old, to being mansplained at, to being invited out of my chair to dance, to loaning my phone to a woman who was escaping a domestic abuse situation, to being told ghost stories. I offered no expertise, but only willingness to practice interacting with another person within framed space, one at a time. Union station was filled with performances and beautiful energy among the vibrant crossroads and Deco architecture. 

(there was hardly any documentation of this piece.)